About Us

Kimia Zarin Bahador Company, a leader in the date industry, began its journey of development and progress in 2013 with a clear vision and commitment to fundamental values. Initially, as a small date supplier aiming for the pinnacle of quality and service, we entered the market. Today, we proudly announce that not only have we achieved this goal, but we are also recognized as a symbol of excellence in the date industry.

Our mission at Kimia Zarin Bahador is to provide superior and reliable quality dates to our domestic and international customers. We strive to offer unique and exceptional products that not only meet the needs of our customers but also establish strong and lasting bonds with our business partners.

In this direction, we provide innovative services including ‘container combination’ and ‘personal branding,’ allowing our customers to benefit from flexibility and customization on a global scale.

We assure you that with Kimia Zarin Bahador, you will always be on the path of growth and excellence.

Our prominent features include:


  • Personal Branding: With our personal branding services, we help you market quality Iranian dates under your brand. This service not only establishes your brand in the market but also assists you in creating a unique identity.
  • Unbeatable Prices: Relying on a network of equipped and committed farmers and suppliers, we are able to offer the best prices in the market.
  • Custom Packaging: Flexibility in packaging is another advantage of working with us. Whether you have your own brand or are looking for specific packaging, we are ready to deliver the dates you desire with the packaging of your choice.
  • International Distribution Networks: We proudly utilize our international distribution networks that enable us to send our products to every corner of the world. So far, by establishing direct, reliable, and stable connections with our business partners in Europe and Asia, we have laid a solid foundation for distributing our products. Now, we eagerly seek opportunities to expand these networks to other global regions to make access to our quality products even easier.